Aquarius hair salon/beauty salon has been said to be a pillar in the community of Finsbury Parkers especially amongst the Caribbean community.

Aquarius family and staff members prides  itself on over 40 years sustainability for “Caring for you and your hair”, serving clients from all nationalities
The staff members are multi cultural and speak various languages within this establishment in an attempt to cater for all and continue the Multiculture ethos.


Aquarius continues to engage itself in projects held within and outside of its community:

Safe Haven for young venerable youths/people.

Marie Carie

CharityProstate Cancer Societ

NHS free health checks held within the salon by NHS Staff



Encouragement of stability and consistency of education and entrepreneurship in the community.

Aquarius supports local business and continues to promote local business cohesiveness.Aquarius outlook for the future is to continue to remain an example to all who patronise the establishment and to all other members of the community.


We thank present, past and future customers for there loyality.